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Match Report LaLaLand, September 12th/13th

Thanks to everyone for coming up even if it was for one day. . A Big Thank You to Sam and Kate for hanging in there for having to do all of the shooting after having 2 days of Staples Center training and the big event!

AND a thank you to Sharon for umpiring all weekend and stepping up for games you werent scheduled to do. Even though I know your heart was with us on court, and not sure how you managed to have the willpower not to grab a bib??

Coach’s report:
The weekend of netball was a long one, and despite lost toenails, indecent scratches and a mighty impressive bruised forearm, San Diego posted a respectable 5th place. We actually lost more matches than we won, but thanks to our habit of strong performances against the best teams, we always came away with points if not the win. Losing by only a couple of goals to Stars, Riptide and Crusaders 1, San Diego really pushed teams with far greater experience all the way. On Saturday Tanya was on her best disruptive form, hoovering up intercepts and rebounds all day, her defensive duties were assumed by Alison on Sunday who kept up the pace and motivation for the team. Naomi did a great job in defense, defying height restrictions time and again and always looking to kickstart our attacks. Player of the weekend though has to be Kelly – never stopped running, and gave simply the best guide to defensive ‘art’ when playing the guys from New York!
Thanks everyone, was a lot of fun, bring on San Fran!

Riptide – L
Tidal – L
Longboards – W
Stars – L
Comets – W
Phoenix – W
Crusaders 1 – L
Crusaders 2 – L
Seattle – W
Cowgirls – W
Navigators – L

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