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Welcome to the San Diego United Netball Club!

San Diego United Netball club was founded in April 2003 and our mission is to promote the game of netball in San Diego County. We provide a fun club atmosphere where people of different nationalities can get together to improve their playing skills while making new friends. Our club invites new players of all abilities with the aim to eventually creating a San Diego league. It is one of the rare sports where mixed ability players can play on the same team and everyone still have lots of fun.

Our current team has players that have not played before, others who haven't played since school, and those that are at the International player level.

In San Diego, netball is traditionally played by ex-patriot players from netball playing countries and we have players on our team from Australia, England, New Zealand, South Africa, Jamaica and Singapore. (Check out our bios). We are proud to have our first few American players and welcome more native U.S. players to our squad.

We aim to build our club to the point where we can demonstrate and promote netball in schools which we believe it is a great way for kids to keep fit and learn team cooperation and discipline.






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